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CEO's statement: Investing in the communities in which we operate

At all three of our production sites, we have established close relationships with the communities who live and work around our facilities. We focus on initiatives and social programmes that ensure a mutually beneficial relationship with the people and the environment in which we operate and I am proud of our achievements.

One recent project, the Waste Steam Greenhouse Cultivation Programme in Turkey, is a collaboration between Eti Soda and the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. The Municipality are building an agricultural greenhouse complex in one of the nearby villages and Eti Soda will supply the steam heating source, a by-product of our manufacturing process. We will also be supplying water to irrigate the land on which the greenhouses are located and providing financial support, including the funding of an Agricultural Engineer. Villagers will manage the greenhouses and sell the produce, with a guarantee that the Municipality will purchase any surplus. The enterprise will require 30-35 workers, with recruitment focused on unemployed young women from nearby villages. Their salaries will be covered by income from sales, with any residual balance going to the village community.

We also have similar social initiatives at Kazan Soda, Turkey and Ciner Wyoming, USA together with the UK, where we have recently established our global headquarters. I hope you will enjoy reading more in our full 2020 Social Impact Report

Alasdair Warren | Chief Executive Officer, WE Soda

Eti, Turkey

At Eti Soda, we have supported multiple initiatives aimed at improving the local economy in Beypazarı, with a particular focus on initiatives that promote agriculture:

A vineyard near Eti Soda in early development

The grape syrup processing facility in Çakıloba village, near Eti Soda

Inspecting the grape syrup equipment

Renovation of the Sekli village nursing home, near Eti Soda

Kazan, Turkey

At Kazan Soda, we have largely focused on environmental conservation initiatives:

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Kazan Soda Endemic Plant Conservation Area established

Biodiversity conservation and monitoring projects near Kazan Soda

Classroom training for local women from the Incirlik, Fethiye and Ilyakut villages, near Kazan Soda

Tree planting scheme supported by Kazan Soda

Ciner Wyoming, USA

At Ciner Wyoming, we have partnered with NGOs to focus on a range of different issues from assisting the elderly to helping vulnerable individuals gain access to medical resources and supporting many different education initiatives:

Ciner Wyoming, Rocky Mountain Power and Sweetwater County collaborated to fund a new technology unit for the Golden Hour Senior Centre

Wyoming Cleaning of deca crystals from the feathers of migratory waterfowl before safe release on a nearby river

Supporting Wyoming Native Plants Project: School students planting sagebush seedlings

Funding for remodelling and repairs to bring their building up to standard