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Lowest cost production

We own the three lowest cost Soda Ash production facilities in the world

Eti Soda, Kazan Soda and Ciner Wyoming are the three lowest cost production facilities in the world. We aim to operate these facilities at or above 100% capacity utilisation, 100% of the time.

This is possible because we focus on natural Soda Ash production utilising our patented solution mining process, and our experience and know how in optimally maintaining and running these facilities, developed over the last decade.

Our production facilities
WE Soda Soda Ash production facility
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Supply chain reliability

We produce and deliver over 7 million tonnes of Soda Ash per year

7 million tonnes per year is equivalent to filling a 29 tonne truck load every 2 minutes, every hour of the day, 365 days a year, and then delivering it on time to our customers in over 40 countries.

It is an enormous logistical task that operates 24/7, and requires a sophisticated and reliable global supply chain. We have a track record of delivery, as evidenced by our long-term relationships with the world's biggest industrial customers.

WE Soda Soda Ash supply chain reliability
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Highest quality production

We produce the highest quality Soda Ash in the world

Our Soda Ash has a 99.8% purity. It is digitally monitored and inspection tested at all key stages of the production process and during transportation, from raw material supply, through intermediate materials to the finished product, and then at each stage of the shipping process. All of our facilities are ISO certified.

WE Soda highest quality Soda Ash production
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Lowest environmental impact

We operate with the highest efficiency, the lowest environmental impact and the lowest emissions in the Soda Ash industry

Solution mining has very little surface impact, very limited solid and liquid waste and uses far less energy and water than synthetic production processes.

We focus on continuously reducing our unit energy and water consumption and reducing our CO2 emissions. Our production facilities have the lowest CO2 emissions per tonne in the global Soda Ash industry, with Eti operating at almost 70% lower than the global industry average. Ciner Wyoming is also best in class versus its US conventional mining peers.

WE Soda Soda Ash grapevine
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Highest safety standards

We operate to the highest global safety standards

We continuously focus on safety and monitor our performance. Solution mining does not require any underground operatives and so it is inherently a far safer trona mining method.

At Ciner Wyoming, our safety performance significantly exceeds our US conventional mining peers (based on MHSA data) and we are regular winners of national and regional mine safety awards.

WE Soda trophies safety standards


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Solution mining

We challenge the status quo in everything we do

Soda Ash is the 10th most consumed inorganic compound in the world, that has been used for over 5,000 years and had been produced in substantially the same way for decades.

At Eti Soda, we were the first company to challenge the status quo, by using solution mining to extract trona in commercial volumes. This patented technology enables us to extract the trona using a closed loop system at the lowest cost, with minimal environmental and surface impact and almost no waste.

Kazan Soda was the second facility to use solution mining and, based on our experience at Eti, we were able to further optimise the production process.

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Flexibility in manufacturing

We work with our customers, using state-of-the-art facilities, to develop new uses for Soda Ash

Soda Ash is manufactured in varying grades of size, density and shape. It is exactly this flexibility which makes it suitable for use across a wide range of industries from glass making to dry powder detergents, food manufacturing and speciality chemical and metallurgical processes.

At our state-of-the-art facilities we collaborate with our customers to provide them with the grade and quality of product they require and, through on-going research and development, we assess and develop new opportunities for using Soda Ash in new and innovative ways.

State-of-the-art technology innovation production facilities
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Digitised global supply chain

We operate a highly digitised global supply chain

We were the first company in the world to develop a customer app that allows our customers to track individual bulk shipments, containers or even individual bags, enhancing our product traceability and customer service.

Screenshots of WE Soda Ciner Group app